The 5 most popular cell phones to buy on the web

The most wanted cell phones together in a top 5 so you can know their configurations and see which of these smartphones is more worth buying.

If the search for a cell phone is difficult and the doubts about which one to take are increasing, the team at the imobys site made a selection of the most popular cell phones for purchase on the internet using the Google Trends tool and cell phone comparison tools where it has reviews the same.

Search all the time and most of the time it’s about which cell phone to buy, but there are also more accurate searches with brand and model, we’ve separated these searches and we’re going to list the 5 most popular cell phones to buy on the internet.

Buying a new Smartphone requires a good analysis, such as hardware, camera, battery and for those who like the look, even the design of the device counts.

The most wanted cell phones to buy on the web

With the most sought after, you can take it as a basis and choose the cell phone that best suits you and also see the demand trend, in fact, what has a great Hype can be the ideal cell phone for what you are also looking for.

1 – Samsung M53

Intermediate cell phone with great camera quality, having 108 MP in its rear camera, the model is famous for being focused on the experience in photo quality, with emphasis on the smartphone camera.

2 – Motorola G32

Simple, objective and cheap. It is the summary of the Motorola G32 model, having one of the lowest prices, the G32 is a basic cell phone for those who are not looking so much in a cell phone, either in hardware or in its camera quality.

3 – Iphone 14s Pro Max

King of Smartphones and one of the most sought after devices, the Iphone 14s Pro Max is Apple’s new line that delivers everything from the quality of the camera to the hardware, Iphone 14s Pro Max is the most powerful and famous line and carries along with the device the iOs 16 which is one of the best operating systems for mobile devices.

4 – Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

It has a high-resolution screen, ultra-quality camera and base memory for recording and installing apps of 256 GB, which does not have the possibility of expanding the memory of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. The smartphone has a clean and very attractive design for those who care about the look of the device.

5 – ZenFone 9

Not well known for being from the Asus brand, but the device shows good performance, has average hardware and a camera that can deliver good pictures on sunny days or in well-lit places, the ZenFone 9 also has a very attractive design for those who cares about the look of the smartphone and can be found at attractive prices.

The Most Searched Cell Phones on the Internet

With the most popular cell phones on the internet, you can have a smartphone base that is “on the rise”, thus making it a great guide to help you decide to buy and discover new devices and cell phone brands that are being coveted by users on the internet.

In addition to these 5 most popular cell phone models on the internet, there are several other models that have a large search volume for purchase, this selection was made by the team of editors at imobys and included evaluations, research and comparisons for this top 5.

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