How to connect alexa to samsung tv correctly

When we stop to study how to connect Alexa to Samsung TV, we will have two possibilities: built-in assistant or externally connected; there are few differences between them that we will comment on in the next topics;

With Alexa correctly connected to the Samsung TV, it will be possible to perform various functions and tasks; such as turning the TV on and off by voice. Curious? See the step by step on how to connect Alexa to Samsung TV correctly!

Built-in and external assistant

Samsung’s new era of televisions already has the built-in Alex Built-In assistant natively; that is, factory-integrated with the device; while other older models only support the speaker with Alexa;

To find out if the television has native integration with Alexa is very simple, just identify the microphone option on the controller;


Is there much difference?

No! however, TVs that have Alexa built-in bring some more benefits and functions, such as: possibility to follow the weather in real time and create alarms and reminders;

How to Connect Alexa on Samsung TV: Native Assistant

  • First, you need to create an account on the Amazon website; Click here
  • Soon after, after creating the account, you must click on the Home icon on the control;
  • Go to the apps tab and select Alexa and press Ok
  • Log in to your account created on Amazon and authorize access; via access code or QR code
  • Done! Now just press the microphone icon on the controller and enjoy the numerous benefits that the integrated Alexa assistant brings to the user;

Important: It is not necessary to purchase the smart speaker to enjoy the benefits of Amazon’s virtual assistant;

How to Connect Alexa on Samsung TV: External Assistant

First, you must also create an Amazon account and register your smart box; this entire process is carried out online through the official Alexa app;

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