Know the details of the Google Pixel 7A already revealed


Close to its launch, rumors and speculations arise on the internet about the Google Pixel 7A, we have gathered all the information already released in this publication and we will exemplify all the details already revealed about the Pixel 7A.

In the latest updates on the Google Pixel version 7A devices, they released some photos and images of the cell phone that showed a surprising design, in a post on Twitter in a video with low resolution and quality, it shows the Pixel 7A in operation.

Its back is similar to the Google Pixel 7 device, which delivers a design already validated and accepted by the market, the device has good public acceptance so far and promises to be a line launch expected by fans of Google’s Pixel line.

Pixel 7A screen

Regarding the 7a pixel smartphone screen, some high resolution photo captures show the device’s settings menu in full operation, which indicates that the 7A cell phone’s display will be 90Hz and will support the use of two chips at the same time as the devices conventional, in addition to indicating again that this must be the Google Pixel 7A.

All information about the new Pixel 7A

It is worth remembering that all the information about the launch, specifications and videos of the device is a “leak”, which does not guarantee the veracity of all the information contained, this publication made by our imobys team aims to bring the news of the new Pixel that will be for coming.

In previous information, some configurations of Google’s 7A pixel cell phone have already been mentioned, which consists of a Tensor G2 chip combined with up to 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and a 64 MP main focal camera, which makes the Google Pixel 7A a cell phone medium to high performance.

Know the details of the Google Pixel 7A already revealed

Google’s Pixel Line

If you are looking for a light cell phone, with high demand, that runs the main cell phone applications and guarantees a fair price in relation to its cost x benefit, the Google Pixel line can be made for you.

Despite not being a cell phone manufacturer, Google develops Pixel phones in partnership with hardware manufacturers such as Foxconn. Pixel phones are designed to be fast, easy to use and provide an exceptional camera experience. They are also regularly updated with the latest versions of the Android operating system, making them an attractive choice for those who value operating system security and performance.

If you are interested in purchasing a Pixel phone, you can check availability and current prices on online retail sites such as Amazon or Google’s own online store. You can also find Pixel phones at some brick-and-mortar retail stores and mobile operators.

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